A couple of years ago I met Elena in my oldest son Noah's school. Elena was born in El Salvador, the same country where I was born and we connected almost immediately. Elena's grandaughter Alex was in the same class as my son and I would run into her often either picking Alex up or dropping her off.

Despite exchanging conversations with my friend Elena, we hardly talked Real Estate. It was more her amazing survival story.

You see, back in 2010 she was diagnosed with the brutal disease of cancer... "GUACALA" as I often say to mean arghhhh!!    

It wasn't going to take her, it wasn't going to be the end of her... she told me this in different ways all the time, it was just amazing to hear. Her energy, her willingness to go on, her encouragement to others around her was always the highlight of the day for me.

One day, I came across Elena and she was frustrated, she was tired, she was confused... "What's wrong?" I asked..  

"I don't know" she said.  "It seems it's going to be a long process", "a long process for what" I asked.

Then she tells me she's been trying to sell her condo in Port Coquitlam for a long, long time...

She's trying to simplify her life by moving in with her daughter and son in-law in Maple Ridge

"Well, you know, I am a Real Estate Advisor" I say. "hmm, yeah I know..." she said. She was tired of the showings, she was tired of broken promises, she was tired of buyer who are lyers... she was almost at the giving up point. 

 "Let me help you" I said, " We agreed to speak with her daughter and son in-law and after a long time of convincing.

In February of this year 2016 her property went on the market again.

This time, I had the listing, I made the effort, I came up with a strategic plan to generate the best return on her investment.  As I anticipated, calls began immediatly after beginning the marketing stage. Elena and her family were thrilled when I made the phone call that we had three offers to review after only 4 days in the market. Today I'm Happy to announce that Elena received $21,000 above the asking price of her condo. 

If you're thinking of selling I'd love to go over a specific marketing plan that will be created just for you. It takes a great agent to develop a marketing plan and I'm more than capable of creating one for you.


C A S A  B L A N C A  Lazo