Blanca is providing us interesting information about Real Estate Market Statistics for November.

In her video she is focusing on the Real Estate Market for selling and buying properties in Coquitlam BC.

There are three types of market: there is a buyer’s market, sellers market and balanced market.

Right now in Coquitlam in reference to attached properties (condominiums and townhouses) we are in a sellers to balance market depending on the price point you are at. What is selling faster is properties listed between CAD $500.000 - $600.000.

In comparison to October of the same year the market is facing a 28% decline on sold houses.

For detached properties in Coquitlam we have also a sellers market, if you are looking for properties between CAD $800.0000 – $900.000, those are in high demand right now, they are selling rapidly. In comparison to October of the same year there is a 17% decline in the inventory and a 12% decrease in properties sold.

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